Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How can we see good if there is no bad?

I have read and heard that god created the devil, and everytime I come across someone saying this I laugh and say to myself, god created the devil and then he fights it. So why did god create the devil? Well, I think god wanted to prove that he was god so he created the devil. Forget god, I don't know if he/she exists, but what does this tell. This tells us that what Einstein said, Relativity. We realise something only when we have seen its opposite.

What if every person in this world was good. Then, People will not know what's bad. So, will they realise that they are good or will they realise what's good. I dont think so.

Suppose if we humans have the capability to see things around us no matter how dark it is, what if there is no difference to us between day and night. What will happen? We will not realise the sun, we will not know what light is. Why because, we dont know what darkness is.

I believe that we would not have realised good if there was no bad around. Only when we compare relatively to a bad person, we realise the good within us or in someone else. Only when we see suffering, we realise the happiness in our lives.


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